Curated Connections

No window shopping here

An exclusive, high-touch service
for real world dating

Are you tired of online dating sites?

Maybe you haven’t tried one out yet and this is the first stop on your dating journey. Either way, we believe creating real connections is a personal and curated process. And, it starts with knowing what you want and what you are looking for. We help you with that. This is a personalized, high touch, localized service where we work with you individually to present yourself, share insights about you and what you are looking for, create your video presentation and profile and find your match.

We can all use a little help

That's why we need curated matchmaking

The video is central to the process. It is a four-part video presentation that presents you and is used in the process of introducing you to a potential match. Your video portfolio is revealed to a match or matches, over time, in a stepped, qualified process and only with your permission. Your matches are curated using our experienced team as well as assistance from our state-of-the-art digital cognitive technology. You will be given the opportunity to review the video profile from your matches too, and once you and your matches both agree, you can meet. You can use our video messaging system first to say hello, or go straight to a live, in person, lunch, coffee or dinner. It’s up to you.

We specialize in professional women and men between the ages of 35 and 65 who are looking for love. We have a tested formula for your four-part video presentation that helps you to communicate who you are, what you have to offer and what you are looking for in a partner. You will feel very comfortable throughout this very private and authentic process. Enjoy our exclusive studio experience where you will be a queen or king in our two-hour studio session in Toronto. Wine, cheese, coffee – whatever will make you the most comfortable. Before we finalize your video presentation portfolio you will have access to our screening, viewing and approval studio.

We use our expertise, team, scouts, video technology, personal presentation and video studio services to help you tell your story, introduce yourself and share what you are looking for in a partner. From there you leave it in our hands to do the matching. All we ask is that you trust our team and embrace the process.

No annoying messages, winks and pokes.

No unwanted visibility – privacy is what we do.

Authentic, real and honest – no public profile pictures or window shopping.

It’s about time dating got personal again

We are for the discerning client who is looking to invest in love and the process of getting there.

The $2,000 one-time fee
includes the personal video presentation and matching services.

You could be our next success story.

Think about it.  And then, contact us for more details.

These services are currently only available in the Toronto area.